2018: Things to Watch

2017 has come and gone and another new year is upon us. To say it has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Things are growing and changing at exponential rates and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It can be hard to keep up, so we’ve put together a list of things to watch for the new year so you can start 2018 with your finger on the pulse.

Video. Video everywhere – Video seems to outperform all other forms of content.Instagram stories have quickly risen to the top of social media popularity and Facebook favours video in its algorithm, putting video content above all other forms in newsfeeds. The most effective way to engage audiences is live video. Users spend spend triple the time watching live video as opposed to its non-live counterpart and comment more than ten times as much to engage with content producers. Hop on the video trend in 2018, it’s proving to be the most interactive form of content (…they said in a blog post).

A-Commerce (automated commerce) -Automation is efficient.Embrace it when you can. Machine learning is here and it’s growing. A-commerce involves AI warehouses, route planning, and drone delivery. It’s about outsourcing retail experiences to save time. Consider automated shopping, negotiating, purchasing, and delivery. That’s
A-commerce and that’s where we’re headed, folks.

Transparency- Transparencyis important within an office environment and for external stakeholders. Especially in light of recent events, employees are encouraged to speak upabout any concerns or discomfort they may feel and talkopenly about workplace culture.On a larger scale, people want to know the behind-the-scenes of your business before they support you. Consumers are becoming increasingly skeptical of vague claims of environmental responsibility and charitable giving. Be specific, be clear and be proud to show off the ins and outs of your business because people want know.

Data-central everything – Data is currency. With the Internet of Things on the rise, and algorithms fighting their way to the top, data (and content personalization as a result) are only growing.

Interactive Marketing -The days of talking at our audience through a megaphone are behind us. Consumers want to be able to share, modify and engage with what they consume. This means social media campaigns over televised or printed ones, more user generated content (UGC) and more trending hashtags (let your audience contribute and be part of the story). It’s a collaboration. Not a broadcast.

Want to see the full infographic? Look no further, click here.


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