Amy Ede

Born in Hay River, Northwest Territories and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Amy Ede is a woman of First Nations and mixed heritage who relocated from Vancouver Island in 2008.  A graduate of the University of Victoria, she ran a small street-level marketing business before heading east to be closer to her family.  She worked in Internet Marketing for 6 years in the capital, managing affiliates at MaxBounty, conducting online promotion and generating content for LinkClicks, Inc, and appearing on a weekly segment for WNBC New York for 3 years.  

Amy brought a strong perspective to her work as Director of Communications at the Native Women’s Association of Canada, where she applied her skills in social media, public relations, media relations, brand development, marketing, and relationship-building to the areas of Indigenous affairs, not-for-profit, and human rights.  At MediaStyle, Amy strives to make clients feel heard and deliver work with integrity.

A self-described “avid Centretowner,” Amy loves to write and is passionate about food.  She volunteers for multiple arts and music festivals, remains involved in advocacy, and considers her bicycle an essential tool in trying to have it all.

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