MediaStyle leads the TRC communications hub

Who is the TRC?

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) held its closing events in Ottawa from May 31 to June 3, 2015, educating and engaging the public about Indigenous issues and the lasting impacts of the residential schools system. Formed in partnership with a variety of parties and the federal government, the TRC sought to help Indigenous people in Canada, Canadians and the world come to terms with the terrible legacy of Indian Residential Schools while establishing a process of reconciliation and healing for the future.

Over a six year period, the TRC collected over 6,750 survivor and witness testimonies. These testimonies led to the development of 94 unique recommendations for how to address past injustices, providing a roadmap for rebuilding relationships.

What was the opportunity?

Share this important story and emphasize the need to remember. The eyes of the world were on Ottawa and the volume of communications support required was enormous. The story needed to be told with accuracy, speed and above all, a great sensitivity.

What did we do?

Media Relations

MediaStyle managed media relations for the TRC closing events, which included document production, advanced media briefings, strategic pitching and embargo management. Approximately 170 accredited journalists were on site and more than 24,000 articles written about this historic event. Our efforts resulted in a pickup in international publications such as Al Jazeera, the BBC, the New York Times and NPR.

Communications Support

As part of our media hub, our team provided the TRC Commissioners with executive level communications support through marketing collateral development and strategic advice.

Community Management

MediaStyle continues to help the TRC communicate the importance of reconciliation through the management of the organization’s Facebook and Twitter properties.



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