Becoming Canadian

Becoming Canadian is a new CBC TV documentary series that tells the emotionally compelling, first-person stories of new Canadians on the day they receive their Canadian citizenship. The show offers a unique view for Canadians into the lives of our newest citizens. MediaStyle’s digital component of Becoming Canadian is an essential extension of this goal.

What is the communications opportunity?

Becoming Canadian is creating hundreds of authentic, professionally produced, first-person stories about what it feels like to become Canadian. It is the most ambitious professional content program of its kind, on this subject matter, that we know of to date.

What did we do?

With MediaStyle’s expertise in social media marketing, we will curate intelligent, compelling content throughout the year. We’ve partnered with CBC, the country’s #1 source for Canadian produced rich media content. CBC reaches 14.7 million people on the web, and 91 million people on Facebook every month.

Social Media Strategy

Our adaptive social media strategies to reach different demographics of Canadians, as determined by the following methods:

  • Creation of a social format-specific critical path, with the goal of driving conversations, heightening engagement and adding value for allies and target audiences
  • Building key performance indicators, including an increasing average engagement rate of  our various online profiles
  • Monthly reporting on social media analytics performance, as well as identification of trends and opportunities and/or challenges on the horizon

Second Screen Experience

The audience’s use of smartphones, tablets and laptops while watching television has created a new “second screen” viewing experience. This presents an opportunity for advertisers and broadcasters, who can offer audiences a more interactive, dynamic and intimate viewing experience by engaging and relating in real-time through live tweeting.

Online Community

The vibrant online community we will facilitate features professional content, stunning photography and meaningful stories. MediaStyle will curate and promote:

  • Professionally shot photographs chronicling citizenship ceremonies
  • Professionally-written narratives that are created from the content collected in the ceremonies
  • Online photo essays depicting the experience of becoming Canadian

Our professional management of the online community allows us to optimize the high-quality content to enhance the docudrama that is Becoming Canadian.

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