Parent Traps: Hacking the Workplace for Your Family

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.

This childhood rhyme does not reflect reality to many Canadians. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter how they are formed, they come with many challenges and opportunities when it comes to balancing children and a career.  

The Parent Traps

Work-life balance is a myth for many parents. Parents and caregivers working in communications can be especially stressed. We’re looking to find practical ways to make parenting and working a bit more balanced.

MediaStyle is asking all Ottawa companies in our industry to help us find solutions. We are looking beyond what the government offers and looking at what companies are doing and could do to support their workers to build a stronger workforce.

We need your help:

  1. If you are from an Ottawa-based company like ours, you can fill out the survey here. 
  2. If you are interested in this topic, you can attend our world cafe, Parent Traps: Workplace Hacks for Your Family, during which we are going to work collaboratively to find new solutions.

World Cafe: Design Thinking for Good

Neither babies, careers nor blended families come with manuals. Often we are left to figure it out as we go, hoping not to make too many mistakes. We want to try and offset these things being left to chance by working with other members of our industry to find out what other organizations are doing so that we can find the best practices. We want to find out what families need in order to best support parents/caregivers so that they can contribute to the company they work for, take care of their family and achieve some work-life balance.

Actionable Outcomes

Once we have these survey results, we will be gathering our peers and devote a day to finding solutions that can be implemented to support families while also allowing businesses to remain profitable.

Why? The Inclusion Challenge

As a proud BCorp and social enterprise, MediaStyle works to have positive social impact, while also balancing our environment and profit. We are passionate about using our business as a tool for good. MediaStyle is excited to be part of the B-Corp Inclusion Challenge. We’ve committed to becoming more inclusive by increasing our advocacy for stable employment, fair wages and increased benefits. As part of that work, we have focused on parental leave, benefits and welcoming early parenthood into our workspaces.

Join us and help make an impact.  

RSVP for Parent Traps: Workplace Hacks for Your Family, happening Wednesday, May 24.

For more information reach out to or


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"My incredible business partners Caitlin Kealey and Allyson Chisnall will be taking on the leadership of the firm." - Ian Capstick
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