When Feminists Rule the World Podcast

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Nobel Women’s Initiative was established in 2006 by six women peace laureates, and works to magnify the impact and visibility of women working globally to promote equality, peace, and justice. They work to strengthen and expand feminist efforts to provide nonviolent solutions to war, violence, and militarism around the world.

What was the opportunity?

There are grassroots women’s organizations and individuals doing important work around the world to promote equality, peace and justice in their communities. Amplifying their voices is critical in increasing their power and creating positive change. 

Nobel Women’s Initiative wanted to produce a five-episode, pilot feminist podcast series that tackles foreign policy issues in a fun, and edgy way. They wanted to make these often complex topics accessible to new and broader audiences through the medium of podcasts.

What did we do?

Podcast Production

MediaStyle worked with Nobel Women’s Initiative to produce five podcast episodes. As part of this work, we helped the Nobel team come up with the podcast concept, theme, and host selection. 

With the theme, “When Feminists Rule the World,” MediaStyle helped select episode topics and a format to engage a provocative feminist lens featuring grassroots experts from around the world. We also assisted with guest outreach and scheduling. 

We recorded all five episodes in MediaStyle’s podcast studio and produced and edited them afterwards. 


MediaStyle designed the podcast logo and brand including shareable templates for social media and audiograms. We worked with the Nobel team to ensure the look and feel of the brand was reflective of the positive, edgy and uplifting feminist tone of the podcast.

Podcast Promotion

To ensure a successful podcast launch, we put together a strategic memo outlining tactics for promoting the podcast including a podcast teaser for use on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn. 

We helped design promotional materials such as a banner, and animated audiograms, sized for Facebook and Twitter. 

We also helped with the organic and paid outreach for the podcast. This included  identifying feminist influencers to help share the podcast and a digital marketing strategy to help bring the podcast to a wider audience.