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With more than 50 members in the innovative pharmaceutical industry, Innovative Medicines Canada plays an integral role in ensuring Canada’s healthcare system remains one of the best in the world. The organization pushes the boundaries of medical innovation by advocating for policies and regulations that improve access to innovative medicines and protect intellectual property rights.

What was the communications opportunity?

Formerly known as Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D), the organization had noticed a disconnect between itself, its membership, stakeholders and the general public. Rx&D’s identity and branding failed to resonate with its audience, leading to misconceptions about the organization’s purpose and role in Canada’s healthcare system.

MediaStyle worked with Rx&D to create a new identity, Innovative Medicines Canada. This new brand was awarded a Bronze Quill award for design distinction in 2017.

What did we accomplish?

We delved deep to ensure the identity we crafted would resonate with its audience. We facilitated focus groups, interviewed leaders in the organization, and conducted polling to distill the story that the new brand would tell.

Leveraging our research, we illustrated multiple design concepts. We then tested each concept through focus groups and polling to identify a logo mark that best symbolized Innovative Medicines Canada and the industry it represents.

With the new brand in place, we produced a full range of collateral, from animated ads to branded scarves. Each piece played an integral role in building support and recognition for the new name and identity.

Finally, we devised and executed an implementation plan to foster brand awareness and to guide the use of new identifiers. We produced internal communication tools, including live webinars, newsletters and guides, encouraging membership to serve as ambassadors of the new brand. For external audiences, we created an integrated marketing plan, which included digital and traditional advertising placements.