Farmers for Climate Solutions

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SeedChange was launching a three-year campaign positioning farmers as trusted voices in advocating for climate solutions through agriculture, eventually building momentum to advance agricultural policies that will help Canadian farmers adapt to, and mitigate, climate change. This work was undertaken in partnership with the National Farmers Union, the Prairie Climate Centre, and supported by the Ivey Foundation.

What was the opportunity?

In partnership with farmer-led and environmental groups involved, we developed a communications strategy to help them meet their goals. This work also included branding and naming of the campaign. We worked with the groups involved to ensure they were in agreement about the tactics needed to achieve their goals, and helped facilitate a smooth campaign launch.


What did we do?

Strategic Campaign Workshop

We facilitated a half-day workshop, leading partners and stakeholders through gamestorming activities to help establish goals and objectives for the campaign. The outcomes of the session helped inform our strategy, and their involvement right from the start of this process helped ensure that the results were aligned with the client’s needs and vision.

Communications Strategy

Based on input from the collaborative, we created a communications strategy including real space and online tactics, key messages, an audience scan, and a campaign path of engagement. 

Recognizing the importance of ensuring that a complex and technical topic was understandable to both subject-matter experts and the general public, we created key messages for different audiences, and made sure that the campaign content was accessible. 

Building momentum and support for the campaign was important, so we developed a number of tactics that encouraged audiences to take action. These tactics included a “Take Action” component on the website that provided options for both farmer and non-farmer audiences to get involved with the campaign.



MediaStyle worked to create an overarching brand for a cohesive and united look. This identity needed to feel optimistic, bold, and solution-focused. Based on research and consultation with the client, the campaign name“Farmers for Climate Solutions” was chosen. We paired this name with a bright and hopeful logo that uses a retro colour palette and strong typeface. Visuals from the logo are repurposed to create photo frames and stylized gradients.

Implementation Support

We worked with the client and campaign partners to create tools to help them achieve their goals such as a website, social media toolkit, shareables, and a one month content calendar. The social media toolkit included an overview of the campaign, content that could be easily adapted and shared on social media, as well as a link to the shareables to facilitate easy engagement with campaign content. 

We helped with launching the campaign, including designing a campaign website that was successful in driving engagement, and encouraging farmers and supporters to get involved. In just two months, over 240 farmers and over 460 supporters pledged to support the campaign.