Chicken Farmers of Canada

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Chicken Farmers of Canada is the voice of 2,800 farmers who are working hard to produce fresh, safe, high-quality chicken to meet Canada’s needs. Unlike in many other places in the world, over 90% of all of Canada’s farms are family-owned and operated.

Our collaboration with Chicken Farmers Canada began as they looked to expand their social media presence and better tell this important story through their content.

What was the communications opportunity?

The Chicken Farmers of Canada team was developing high-quality photo and video content, but had questions about how to grow the audience for the stories they were trying to tell. Further, they were interested in finding out how to better apply best practices to their social media strategy in the short and long term.

What did we do?

Social media audit

We looked under the hood of their social media accounts, as well as engaged in thoughtful conversations with their team about the role tools such as Instagram could play in their overall communications efforts. The result was an action-focused audit document that made recommendations for how to evolve their digital communications approaches.


Based on our findings, we began a six-week coaching program with regular check-ins and mini workshops to practice some new skills. We focused on improving content planning, experimenting with live video, as well as making the most of public activations such as the annual Downtown Diner event on Sparks Street.


To increase the number of supporters sharing content online, we developed a training module specifically focused on young farmers. This included hands-on learning activities for photos and videos so their producers could contribute to the #IHeartChickenFarmers conversation online.