Canadian Roots Exchange

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Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) is a national Indigenous youth-led charity empowering youth to shape the future of truth and reconciliation in this country. They organize experiential education exchanges and host gatherings to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

What was the opportunity?

CRE sought to maintain its name, but modernize its brand identity to better demonstrate the energy and passionate their changemakers had for their work.

What did we do?


The first step of our research involved gathering input from senior decision-makers in the organization to gain an understanding of their expectations for the revised brand. 

New logo and brand identity

Driven by this community input, we worked to create a new identity that is intentional and memorable. It was also important that the brand was partially rooted in history, while also being able to expand to encompass a growing mandate and service offerings.

Brand guide

The updated logo, colour palette, and fonts were brought together in a guiding document to provide clear instructions to anyone communicating on behalf of  the organization, ensuring consistency across all materials.

Brand workshop

Once the brand was finalized, MediaStyle facilitated a full-day workshop that brought the organization’s staff together to learn about the updated identity and brand messaging. This gave staff members a chance to understand and connect with the new brand on a personal level. Their involvement and validation through this process was important from a change management perspective, and to ensure the final brand was connected to those who are actually doing the work.