Register now: Our first-ever Masterclass series

For the first time ever, we’re hosting a masterclass series focused on expanding your communications toolbox. This will be offered as an online extension of the work we do in the Commons, our social communications lab.

These remote training sessions will be held over the lunch hour on Fridays and are perfect for those looking to sharpen their approaches as we enter a post-pandemic world.

Is the Press Release Dead?
Find out in this session on Feb. 12 when we unpack the biggest shifts you will see in the media landscape in 2021 and how to prep your spokespeople for tough questions.

5 Missing Pieces from Your Comms Strategy
Step up your strategies on Feb. 26 by learning how to account for risks, use an intercultural lens, and recognize metrics that matter.

Is Anyone Listening? Member and Audience Engagement
Digital fatigue is real. So, what can we do about it? If you want to stand out online and revamp your campaign toolbox, this session on Mar. 12 is for you

Finding Your Brand Voice
Do the non-designers in your org understand your brand? Join us on Mar. 26 to hear why a brand is more than a logo and the most common mistakes we see.

Register and you will receive:

  • Video recording of the session (access for two weeks)
  • PDF download of slides from the class
  • One-on-one communications strategy call (optional; scheduled following the session)
  • An access code for 50% off additional sessions (see list below)

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