TGIF: Election Round Up 10.18.19

A six-week series looking at the good, the bad and ugly on the campaign trail, from your friendly progressive communications firm.

This is it. Millions of dollars spent. Thousands of coffees. Hundreds of hours wasted on Twitter threads that go nowhere. It all comes down to the final few days of the campaign.


Our parliamentary system. Misunderstood like an angsty teen, so many people just don’t get it, y’know?

Don’t listen to the trolls (and the Tories after they fall short of a majority) on Monday night. In a minority, the governing party gets first shot at gaining the confidence of the house.

Could the Liberals make some space in the cabinet benches for some other progressive voices? Or maybe we can keep this circus rolling with a tiebreaker. Maybe a spirited game of Red Rover will settle things? Or an escape room – I heard Maxime Bernier is terrible at combination locks.

This could be quality TV viewing. Get ready to crack open an ice cold pack of CPAC.



First Past the Post.

As the polls are starting to remind us, we’re likely heading to another split of the progressive vote on Monday. It’s still possible that a party might win 100% of the power with less than 40% of the votes.

It’s time to retire First Past the Post so it can spend more time with its family.


This election. Meta, right?

The 43rd general election will go down as the messiest and pettiest in recent memory.

In true pre-Halloween fashion, much of the discourse in the final weeks has preoccupied with skeletons in the closet. And yes, I could extend the metaphor to talk about a certain leader’s penchant for the tickle trunk but I REFUSE.

Get ready for the big day on Monday. Find your nearest polling station and liquor store (in that order, please).

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