Why MediaStyle is joining the global climate strike

Last Friday 4 million people all over the world joined the youth-led Fridays for Future climate strike movement. This massive day of action marked the beginning of a week of actions timed with a UN Emergency Climate Summit. Greta Thunberg attended the Summit and led the estimated 300 000 strong march in New York

This Friday, people will again take to the streets to strike for the climate, and MediaStyle’s team will be joining. As a team, we’ll be closing our doors at 11 a.m. and heading to join others for a march to Parliament Hill.

We are joining many clients, friends and allies for this historic moment. 

This includes many labour organizations supporting the global week of action, such as the Canadian Labour Congress, CUPE, the International Trade Union Confederation and Public Services International. It includes the Assembly of First Nations, fellow BCorps and businesses like MEC, that will be shutting their doors and encouraging staff participation on September 27 (see a list of companies supporting the climate strike). Schools are also increasingly taking measures to support student participation, including Concordia University which is cancelling classes and encouraging students to attend what promises to be the largest march in Canada led by Greta Thunberg in Montreal. 


The time to act is now

As Greta has famously said, ‘I want you to act as if our house is on fire, because it is.’ 

The world’s leading scientists have told us that we have eleven years left to address the climate emergency in order to avoid the worst consequences. We’re talking about more intense storms, severe floods and drought, increased species extinction, melting ice, rising sea levels, massive climate migration – all of which will cause social and economic disruptions. 

The time to question climate science is gone, and the time to act is now. There are many actions that can be taken to reduce climate pollution and improve equity and much hope to be had, we need the political will.

For a review of where political parties stand on climate policy heading into a federal election, check out the CBC, Globe and Mail and Toronto Star summaries.  

How to get involved

In Ottawa, people are encouraged to gather at Confederation Park for 11:00am. In Montreal, people will gather at the George-Etinne Cartier Monument on Mount Royal at 12:00. 

You can find a map of actions, and ideas on how to host a strike here

We will see you in the streets! 



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