TGIF: Election Round Up 09.20.19

A six week series looking at the good, the bad and ugly on the campaign trail, from your friendly progressive communications firm.

Saddle up, only 31 days to go until October 21! Here’s what was trending on our election Slack channel this week.


Award-winning musician Jeremy Dutcher used his speech at the Polaris gala to send a message to Maxime Bernier about the party leader’s anti-immigrant position. “Enough…You do not come to this country and then tell us when it’s closed. We always welcome in this land. That is how we do it. That is how the matriarchs have done it.” 

Honourable mention:

In potentially the first media moment we could call “heartwarming” this campaign, Jagmeet Singh posed for a photo with the baby daughter of Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Christina Mitas, who said she wanted her daughter “to be exposed to a lot of political people of all different stripes.”


Andrew Scheer reaffirmed that he will support Conservative candidates who have made racist or homophobic statements in the past “as long as they take responsibility and apologize.” He has stood by candidates who have made racist, islamophobic, homophobic, and transphobic social media posts. 


The clear winner (or should that be loser?) in this category is Justin Trudeau, who admitted to have dressed in brown face and blackface on at least three occasions in his past, after photos and video of the incidents surfaced late on Wednesday. But even before this news broke, Fatima Syed says, this election was already about race.


That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for our next round up on Friday, September 27.

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