TGIF: Election Round Up

A six week series looking at the good, the bad and ugly on the campaign trail, from your friendly progressive communications firm.

Saddle up, only 38 days to go until October 21! Here’s what was trending on our election Slack channel this week.


The climate crisis finally appears to be making a strong appearance in election communications. Major outlets like Macleans, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and CBC all have substantial pieces looking at parties’ climate plans (or lack thereof) and the Canadian context of climate change. Candidates across the country are being consistently peppered with questions about how they will increase ambition on climate action by campaigns such as Our Time and Cooperate for Climate.

According to the world’s leading climate scientists we’ve got 11 years left to double down on climate solutions in order to avoid the worst of climate change (think more heat waves, wildfires, intensified storms, floods and communities forced to flee homes that are no longer habitable). This group of future MPs, and society at large, have a lot of critical work to do.

Honourable mention:
Did you hear Maxime Bernier is running against Maxime Bernier? 😂


Three days since the writ and already five candidates have had to step down.

The Conservatives had a candidate step down over social media posts that expressed ethnocentric, Islamophobic sentiment. The NDP lost two candidates on Wednesday due to a domestic abuse accusation and social media comments about pro-pipeline protestors. The Greens lost a candidate on Thursday for an Islamophobic Facebook post.

Honourable mention:
The Liberal campaign’s bus literally hit and damaged their campaign airplane wing, forcing it to stay on the ground. Cue all sorts of metaphors for the Liberal campaign.


The People’s Party of Canada booted a candidate for… wait for it… calling on the party’s leader to denounce white supremacy.

Honourable mention:
Canada Proud’s #Trudeauisbananas campaign continues to rack up views, putting out half truths and, in at least one case, outright manipulations, like their doctored video clip of Trudeau’s press gallery speech used to “confirm” he bribed the media.


That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for our next round up on Friday, September 20.

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