#TakeoverTuesday: Parisa Yazdani, Design Strategist

Every Tuesday we’ll be profiling a MediaStyle staff member on our Instagram so that you can get to know our great team. Here are some of the questions that came up during our first #TakeoverTuesday: 


Who is Parisa? 

I am a designer with an innate curiosity about the world around me. Design gives me a voice to communicate what I am passionate about which often includes breaking down stereotypes, thinking critically and challenging the status quo. I love all things vintage, and my notebooks are filled with doodles (mostly of food).


How did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Growing up, I had no idea I wanted to be a designer. I knew that I was creative, but a dozen years of art classes was enough for me to realize I had no interest in being an artist. I had never been exposed to the world of design, but as soon as I was—it just clicked. Design combines my creativity with my goal-oriented nature. The challenge of using visual elements to facilitate communication will always excite me. 


Tips for designers who are graduating soon?

Pay attention to detail! Try to ensure that whenever you post your work (be it on Instagram, Behance or your own portfolio), there are no small errors such as spelling, grammar or simple design mistakes (inconsistent font sizing, alignment issues, etc.). Small errors like that can prevent a potential employer from taking your work seriously, even if it is conceptually strong. Good designers have a keen eye for detail!


What’s the most important thing you can do to be a force of good in the world?

I think the best thing you can do to be a force of good in the world is to be kind; to everyone. To listen to others’ perspectives with the goal of understanding them instead of listening to respond. A little empathy goes a long way.


What is your favourite movie? 

School of Rock. Every. Word. Memorized. 


What emoji do you use most?

Definitely this one 🤪. It just makes every message so much more fun.

“Wanna go see a movie? 🤪” 


“Hey whats up? 🤪”


If you were a font, what font would you be?

This might surprise you coming from a graphic designer but I would definitely be Times New Roman. It’s just so timeless and classic! Times New Roman isn’t showy, in fact it easily fades into the background. However upon closer examination, it’s beauty and complexity can be revealed. 


What is your favorite current design trend?

I am absolutely LIVING for the bright, bold colour palettes that have been trending for a while now. When I was five, I dressed myself head to toe in different colours and told my mom I was a rainbow. To this day, not much has changed. Colour is my favorite thing to play with; both in my designs and my everyday life!  

Tune in tomorrow for our next #TakeoverTuesday when we will be featuring one of our Senior Strategists, Andrea Harden.


Parisa Yazdani is a Design Strategist at MediaStyle

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