Buying something? Here are 24 Canadian B Corps you should support

As we celebrate B Corp month in March, it’s important to remember that we can #VoteEveryDay by choosing where we decide to spend our time and money. From where you get your coffee in the morning, to deciding to work for or┬ádo business with a B Corp, you vote for what you believe in.

These small changes in our daily lives add can have a big impact. Start voting for B Corps today by incorporating them into your daily routine

To help you get started, here’s a list of Canadian B Corp products that you can buy in Ottawa or online:

GOOD food for GOOD

The Earth Group



Ernest Cider Co

Flow Water Inc


Propeller Coffee Co

Eminece Organic Skin Care



GROSCHE international

Prana Biovegan Inc

Debee’s Organics

African Bronze Honey Company

Lucky Iron Fish

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

Natural Fare Markets

Beau’s All Natural Brewery

Reunion Island Coffee

Fair Trade Jewellery

Genuine Health

Saul Good Gift Co

Salt Springs Coffee


When you buy from a B Corp, you’re supporting a business that meets the highest standards of transparency, accountability, environmental, and social performance. Learn more about B Corps here.

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