Tenacity Act 7: Communications Support for StopGap Ottawa

Who are they?

StopGap Ottawa is a volunteer-run, grassroots initiative determined to make our city more accessible, one ramp at a time. Through community build workshops facilitated by Makerspace Ottawa and the Ottawa Tool Library,  StopGap builds custom ramps for local businesses that have one-step entries, creating inclusive and barrier-free spaces.


Why did MediaStyle want to help?

MediaStyle’s office is located up a three-story walk-up in a heritage building that cannot be retrofitted to become accessible. We recognize that this means some people are unable to visit us or participate in the events we host at the office. Although nothing can make up for the exclusion this creates, we wanted to make a commitment to StopGap Ottawa to help make Ottawa a more accessible city.

Inclusivity is something we talk a lot about at MediaStyle. We believe it creates opportunities to share experiences and ideas that make our community stronger. We hope that you’ll join us in our mission to make Ottawa more inclusive and accessible by supporting StopGap Ottawa.

“Even a single step up can be a huge barrier to some members of our community. We’re so proud to help the StopGap Ottawa team make Ottawa barrier-free, one business at a time.

Taylan McRae-Yu, Strategist, MediaStyle

How are we helping?

We are producing branded outreach materials and templates for the StopGap organizer team to help streamline their outreach efforts to interested businesses, volunteers, and sponsors. By leveraging social media through a comprehensive content calendar and the use of shareables created by our Design Strategist Elly, we will bolster organic online engagement to grow the StopGap Ottawa brand on Facebook and Twitter.

This is one of our Ten Acts of Tenacity, commemorating MediaStyle’s 10th anniversary. Throughout January, we will be announcing a series of donations, fundraising initiatives, and pro-bono support aimed at celebrating those making change in our community. This is our way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported us in during our first decade in business.

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