Tenacity Act 6: Social Media Support for MarketMobile

Who are they?

MarketMobile is a grocery store on wheels that provides access to fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables to communities in Ottawa.

In 2014 MarketMobile retrofitted a 40-foot OC Transpo bus using planks of plywood as shelves, handwritten signs and a variety of baskets and crates to hold high-quality, affordable produce. What began as a 21-week pilot has expanded to regular opportunities at 10 different locations.

MarketMobile harnesses the power of wholesale buying and sells on a cost recovery basis. They choose locations based on communities access to, and need for affordable healthy food, and select produce responding to residents’ needs and cultural preferences.


Why did MediaStyle want to help?

MarketMobile’s drive to provide healthy affordable produce to neighbourhoods in need aligns with our commitment to improving health outcomes for Canadians. MediaStyle also has a track record of working with organizations in the area of food security.


What a creative, inspiring and effective response to food deserts here in Ottawa. In addition to filling a clear need, MarketMobile has transformed into an opportunity for Ottawa residents to connect to each other, and community resources.

Andrea Harden, Senior Strategist at MediaStyle


How are we helping?

MediaStyle will be heading onsite to MarketMobile, meeting volunteers, staff and customers, listening and helping tell their stories. In addition to hands-on tutorials while onsite, MediaStyle will produce a series of social media shareables and content, and snazzy photos MarketMobile can use to build greater awareness of their inspiring initiative. We will do this at no cost to our new friends.

This is one of our Ten Acts of Tenacity, commemorating MediaStyle’s 10th anniversary. Throughout January, we will be announcing a series of donations, fundraising initiatives, and pro-bono support aimed at celebrating those making change in our community. This is our way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported us in during our first decade in business.

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