Tenacity Act 4: The Ten Oaks Project

Who are they?

Ten Oaks Project is a charitable, volunteer-driven organization that engages and connects children and youth from LGBTQ+ families, identities, and communities. Through summer camps and other essential programming, they create safer spaces where young people can play, learn, grow and feel accepted and empowered.

The Ten Oaks Project runs two core summer camp programs: Camp Ten Oaks for kids 8-17, and Project Acorn for youth 16-24. Project Acorn is planned and delivered by the Youth Advisory Committee, made up of young people who want to give back to their peers while sharing and building new skills.


Why did MediaStyle want to help?

The Ten Oaks Project makes Ottawa a better place for everyone. When the LGBTQ+ community is strong, the rest of the community benefits too. And when they’re provided with support and opportunities, LGBTQ+ youth have the power to become leaders and changemakers. As a progressive public affairs agency, we are committed to building the capacity of organizations that are making Canada a better place, and helping them to do even more.


“Community spaces have always been incredibly important for LGBTQ+ people, allowing us to network, build support systems, and collectively advocate for our rights. The Ten Oaks Project works tirelessly to make sure that LGBTQ+ children, youth and families have access to spaces and programs that serve their unique needs and allow them to shine.”

Maddie Field, Strategist at MediaStyle


How are we helping?

MediaStyle will deliver social media and communications training for the Youth Advisory Committee, helping them tell the compelling story of Project Acorn to potential participants, donors, and funders, and share their important message with the world. 

This is one of our Ten Acts of Tenacity, commemorating MediaStyle’s 10th anniversary. Throughout January, we will be announcing a series of donations, fundraising initiatives, and pro-bono support aimed at celebrating those making change in our community. This is our way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported us in during our first decade in business.


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