Tenacity Act 2: Impactful Ottawa – A Portrait Series

Switching things up

Throughout our Acts of Tenacity, each team member has chosen a way to positively impact the community. Our design strategist, Elly, thought it would be fun to spin it around; she decided to thank people who have made Ottawa better already.

How did we choose?

Who has more tenacity than those who fight to make our community better? With this question in mind, Elly sought individuals who felt representative of the values in our company’s pillars:

  • Committed to improving health outcomes for Canadians.
  • Believes in education and universal access to it.
  • Is dedicated to reconciliation and supports like-minded individuals and organizations.
  • Is intent on improving and enhancing democratic institutions.
  • Is a proud feminist and works towards equity for all.
  • Supports the labour movement and aspires to build a stronger society.

With a wealth of candidates, she narrowed down the ranks to  Elder Claudette Commanda, Amanda Jetté Knox, Lyra Evans and Dillon Black. All four people support the city in a myriad of ways––they push boundaries for education, mental health, gender and sexual diversity/equity and reconciliation. They are pillars themselves, embodying what it means to be resilient, persistent and passionate.

How did we thank them?

To thank our impactful bunch, Elly illustrated custom colourful portraits inspired by their bright personalities. Each one serves as a token of our appreciation for what each person has done, and continues to do for the city.


Illustrated portrait of Claudette Commanda
Elder Claudette Commanda

Illustrated Portrait of Amanda Jette Knox
Amanda Jetté Knox

Illustrated portrait of Lyra Evans
Lyra Evans

Illustrated portrait of Dillon Black
Dillon Black


This is one of our Ten Acts of Tenacity, commemorating MediaStyle’s 10th anniversary. Throughout January, we will be announcing a series of donations, fundraising initiatives, and pro-bono support aimed at celebrating those making change in our community. This is our way of saying “thank you” to all those who have supported us in during our first decade in business.


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