Turning 10: Growing Up MediaStyle

Ten years. That’s a big deal. And it feels like something worth celebrating.


We’ve come a long way from the media training and style consulting firm from which we were originally envisioned. Our beginnings were as a scrappy startup that Ian Capstick ran out of his living room (with his sidekick Ace). Now we inhabit two floors in a heritage building, have a team of nine working on some really exciting and important files, and we work every day knowing we are helping make the world better.


Ten. If we were a person, we’d be in Grade 5. And much like that elementary school kid, we’ve formed a strong sense of self but are still loving life and learning every day. We still try new things and like to get into a bit of trouble here and there to make sure we’re keeping it fresh.


Ten. We could write many top ten lists of the things we’ve learned over the years, the mistakes we’ve made, and the wins we’ve celebrated. But since we like to do things a bit differently, we are going to focus on something else.


Announcing our Ten Acts of Tenacity

Over the next two weeks, we are rolling out the Ten Acts of Tenacity campaign. We’re going to celebrate the people and the groups who are doing important work within our communities to make life better for those we honour and love: from Ottawa’s youth to LGBTQ2S+ and Indigenous folks.


(No spoilers – sorry! You’ll have to watch our social channels and our website as we make a new announcement every day.)



“We thought of our tenth as a way to not only celebrate ten years of MediaStyle, but as a way to continue to lift up and support the many different people who do amazing things day in and day out in our city and our communities.”

– Caitlin Kealey


We look forward to showing you some of the fun ways we have collaborated to make Ten Acts of Tenacity a success. Over the next two weeks, we will be sharing information about the groups we supported, who they are, and how we are helping build them up.


Here’s to the next 10 years…


(Oh wow, I’m going to be old when we turn 20…)




Caitlin Kealey is MediaStyle’s CEO

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