Working Title: Dat Intern Lyfe

By Hayley Robateau · April 1, 2016


Hi it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood MediaStyle intern. Only as of today, no longer. It’s my last day at MediaStyle and I’m v. sad about it!!!!! Let’s save the tears until the end, shall we?

When I arrived at 131 Bank Street at the beginning of January, I was mainly focused on snapping Instas of the amazing office space and making myself seem cool and competent. This was not my first communications gig, but it was my first agency gig, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would crash and burn on impact.


What I quickly learned is that MediaStyle didn’t fit into my predetermined stereotype of a communications agency. I was expecting high pressure, high tension, and high stakes, all the time. But (thankfully) MediaStyle tends to function the same way my work ethic does: work damn hard, but be as chill about it as if you are working on a beach in the Caribbean. Bliss. Freaking out about workloads and pushing yourself to a burnout point is not productive, but constant gentle pressure is.  


Another way MediaStyle positively broke my expectations about agency life comes from their status as a B Corporation. Money is obviously important to pay the bills and grow as a business, but MediaStyle also works towards excellence in other ways as well. As a B Corporation, MediaStyle is certified as a business that works for social and environmental good, accountability, and transparency. Hello good gut feelings!

I chose communications as a career path because of its power to influence social change through storytelling and increasing visibility for progressive organizations and causes. With a client base that focuses on Indigenous issues and reconciliation, health, education, and improving democratic institutions, MediaStyle checked off my boxes for getting a robust communications internship, while also feeling damn good about the work I was doing to positively impact society.

On a more day-to-day level, my internship with MediaStyle was the best because of the people I worked with. From day one, the team pushed me to be autonomous, excel at work I had never done before, and produce results. And, most importantly for me, they trusted me. They trusted that if they gave me a task with or without instruction, I’d figure out how to make it happen. That trust was the most empowering part of my time here.


The MediaStyle team also provided a nourishing learning environment so I could try new things and fail without worrying about the consequences. I felt comfortable asking questions and asking to be involved, and they always provided feedback so I could do better in the future.

Coming into this position, I wanted to learn the widest variety of skills possible, and try aaalllll the new things – and I think I accomplished that. After three months, I feel confident creating strategic directions for communications initiatives, building website mockups, implementing media relations strategies, carrying out social media ad campaigns, monitoring and reacting to crisis communications situations, PROJECT BUDGETING (!!!) and more – all skills I had never exercised before entering this work environment.


I’m going to miss the office dogs, Friday beer o’clock and family lunches. But most of all, I’m going to miss being a part of the MediaStyle team that never once treated me like a mere intern – they treated me like one of their own. Like a pal. And like a pro.

Signing off,



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