Week 2: Where the Leaders Were

By Vanessa King · August 22, 2015

Stephen Harper made several policy announcements while in New Brunswick and the GTA, including a plan to add 5,000 reservists to the Canadian Armed Forces and increase adoption tax credits. He also announced a renewed commitment to the Conservative’s “Life Means Life” legislation. He was the only leader who didn’t attend Montreal Pride on Sunday.

Thomas Mulcair spent most of his week in British Columbia, where he focused on communicating his party’s child-care program. He revealed a three point plan to address the dangers of wildfires while in Nanaimo and announced funding plans for 2,500 new frontline police officers while in Surrey. In Winnipeg, he reiterated a promise to call for an inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women within 100 days of taking office.

Justin Trudeau focused on Ontario this week, except for a trip to an Acadian festival in New Brunswick. He made several policy announcements including the support of clean technology, options that allow new parents to stay home for up to 18 months and increased access to compassionate care benefits.

Elizabeth May spent most of her time in British Columbia after attending the Pride parade in Montreal. While in Victoria, she announced a plan to defend coastal communities from pipelines and tankers.

Gilles Duceppe attended the wedding of Pierre Karl Péladeau, Quebec’s Leader of the Opposition and former president and CEO of Quebecor Media. He also unveiled the Bloc Québécois campaign bus, suggesting the party will be ramping up its campaign.


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