Twitter Has A Moment

By Katie Shapiro · April 15, 2016


Canada is the most recent country to have its moment(s), as Twitter Canada released their newest feature this week: Twitter Moments. The update comes after the social network rolled out the update in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Brazil over the last five months.

Meant to showcase the “best of Twitter”, Twitter users and non-users alike can find the new feature by clicking on the little lightning bolt icon (⚡️) in the top left corner of the Twitter homepage, beside the familiar notifications bell. Click on the bolt, and quick as a flash you’ll be taken to a newspaper-like expansion of curated content showcasing current top stories on Twitter.

Stories are divided into four subcategories: Entertainment, Fun, Sports, and News. From Attawapiskat to athleisure wear by Beyoncé, Twitter’s aim is to help folks keep up with big stories in one spot, as opposed to scrolling through endless Tweets.

Each Moment is summarized in a line or two (sometimes in less than 140 characters), and then highlighted Tweets tell the rest of the story, or paint a picture of the Twittersphere’s general reactions. Users can follow a Moment to have updated Tweets show up directly on their timeline, and once the moment has passed it will automatically be unfollowed.

Promoted Moments will be available for advertisers who wish to be featured on the new Twitter page. Rogers is laying claim to the first promoted Moment in Canada as the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup playoffs kicked off this week.

While there may be some overlap with the trending stories on Twitter and Moments, Moments differs in that the content is curated by staff at Twitter Canada’s headquarters in Toronto, regardless of how active a specific hashtag may be.

There’s no doubt that Moments are a visually pleasing way for Twitter to round up topical stories on the site, but whether it will engage users, attract new ones, or be able to compete with mainstream news outlet websites will remain to be seen.

Have you been waiting for a moment like this, or are you nonplussed by this latest development? Take a moment to tell us what you think!



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