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By Katie Shapiro · April 29, 2016

a Drake candle with the "Views" album overlay in the officeWe use the messaging app Slack at MediaStyle (we’ve already talked about it here), and while it’s predominantly used for work, we love to share inspiring industry-related things and fun-totally-unrelated-things every once in awhile in our SFW #nwr (safe for work, not work related) channel. We thought it would be fun to round up some of our weekly favourites to share. Let us know what you think!

1. iPhone 6s – Onions
“The best camera is the one you have with you” is happily touted by phone photographers everywhere these days, and Apple cheekily adopts this as their focus in their new ad. Aiming to show that something seemingly mundane — in this case, chopping onions — can be made beautiful by the iPhone’s camera, the ad shows a young videographer’s work being lauded by critics worldwide and celebrated at an awards show by host-extraordinaire Neil Patrick Harris. It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself, and Apple seems to know this. (With the obsession of food photography and sharing these days, maybe the joke isn’t even that far-fetched.)

2. “Little Haikus of Ads”
Adweek reported that Youtube had just released it’s newest iteration of advertising on mobile devices. The “bumper” ads constrain advertisers to just six second videos (will Vines get used, perhaps?), forcing each second to count.

3. Blind Love by QuébecOriginal
The interactive website lets users experience Québec with all five senses; in the “touch” category there’s a list of “original spots for a French kiss”, and a sonic landscape of the province in the “listen” category, for example. It’s all built around Tourisme Québec’s latest ad, in which Danny, blind since birth, takes viewers on an adrenaline-filled trip. The beautifully edited video pulls on heartstrings; is it because we can see what Danny can’t?

4. 6×9: A virtual experience of solitary confinement
6×9 marks The Guardian’s first foray into storytelling through virtual reality. With stories from prisoners who have undergone this type of incarceration, viewers experience what it is like to be confined 6×9 foot cell. Visceral and often upsetting, The Guardian’s goal with this project was to demonstrate how long-term solitary incarceration can have lasting psychological impacts on prisoners.

5. Champagne Papi & Lemonade
Not immune to the hype around the the two albums, (most of) the office drank the Lemonade and enjoyed the Views this week. The internet doesn’t need more think pieces on Beyoncé’s latest visual album so we’ll spare you our thoughts, but here’s one of the articles we liked, and here is a project by the Maryland Institute College of Art rounding up information resources for members of the Bey Hive.
By the time Drizzy dropped his latest album (with 100x more buildup than Beyoncé’s surprise release), there was no debating the soundtrack to the office’s Friday afternoon. We were a little obsessed.

What was on your radar this week? Creative inspiration? A new favourite song or advertising campaign? Let us know below!


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