Trending On Our Slack: Week 25

By Katie Shapiro · June 24, 2016

picnic blanket and lunchAnother week, another peak into what goes on in our #nwr Slack channel (truly, a lot of it are GIFs. We can’t help ourselves.). This week we welcomed Rory to our team, we contemplated the meaning of Brexit, and we had our staff retreat, among other things.

Here’s what made the highlight reel:

    1. Happy National Aboriginal Day
      June 21st marked the 20th anniversary of National Aboriginal Day. Did you celebrate? See Animikii’s blog about why the day should be a statutory holiday.
    2. What would you tell yourself at 20 years old?
      Some tidbits of advice from the office included “Don’t drink blue liquor.”, “Canadian music gets really awesome.”, and “You should probably keep that crop top.”.

      Watch Members of Parliament talk about what they wished they knew when they were 20. Equal Voice is selecting young women from each riding across the country to participate in the 2017 leadership summit, which will feature the 338 young women filling every seat in the House of the Commons for a special session.

    3. Art In Progress!
      The soon-to-be-patio at Union 613 is getting an artistic touch from Ottawa artists Drew Mosley and Tom Pajdlhauser – we can’t wait to see the end result!
    4. Snapchat Scavenger Hunt
      We spent Wednesday on the beautiful grounds of the Mackenzie King Estate for our staff retreat. Along with team building exercises, a picnic lunch, and a tour of the grounds, we were tasked with a little Snapchat Scavenger Hunt. Though many of us didn’t have cell service (the horror!) it was a fun challenge.IMG_1618What was on your radar this week? Whatever was #trending, we hope you had a good one!

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