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By Katie Shapiro · May 6, 2016

Another week, another roundup of what happened in our Slack #nwr channel (that’s “not work related” for those of you who weren’t here last week)!

1. Fort McMurray
We’d be remiss to sum up this week without including the terrible fire that’s been raging in Fort McMurray and on everyone’s mind. The Canadian government is matching donations made to the Red Cross; text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5 or FIRES to 45678 to donate $10.

2. Knorr’s #LoveAtFirstTaste
The majority of the office squirmed through this ad. “Twee” and “saccharine” were the words thrown around after watching the cast of beautiful single people feed each other. What do you think? #LoveatFirstTaste?

3. Do Not Look the Other Way
Make sure you watch this one in 360 video. (I didn’t initially, and got made fun of.)
It’s powerful.

4. Brosé
We’re all about rosé o’clock around here, but the office was divided on this brand and their wine in cans. Their tagline is, “Quality grapage, no breakage.”…cheers?

5. Happy Mother’s Day!
Whether you think it’s a Hallmark holiday or not, there’s never  a bad time to tell your mum you love her. Pour some rosé (not from a can, please!), and give her a hug or a phone call. This agency put together a cute video for the occasion.MS-MothersDay-fb


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