Today’s Special: Dog’s Breakfast

By Ian Capstick · September 23, 2015

The so-called “Media Party”, the moniker assigned to journalists by the right wing because they think journalists all report the same stories, seems to have forgotten to read yesterday’s pack journalism memo. It’s a dog’s breakfast for news out there, folks.

Part of the reason is none of yesterday’s major news headlines really entered into the election narrative…yet. A triple homicide of three women near Ottawa, the major VW emissions scandal/recall and Clinton’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline simply didn’t register loudly with the journalists covering the election.

Violence against women would, however, be a relevant topic of discussion within the campaign narrative, as yesterday’s Up for Debate event brought the problem into sharp focus.

The most important thing to come from yesterday’s news was Trudeau declaring he will not support Harper as Prime Minister if the election results in a minority government. When asked about supporting Mulcair, he skated. Meanwhile, anyone hoping for cooperation will be pleased that Elizabeth May is suggesting she is setting her sights on the balance of power post election.


Three more days

By admin · October 20, 2015 The Media Narrative The proverbial die has been cast. It’s now time for undecided voters to get their rubric on. At three days left, only the most earth-shattering news could change the fates of this election. We’ve seen campaigns in the past manifest last-minute revelations and scandal, but it doesn’t work. All left for the […]

Majority, eh?

By Ian Capstick · October 20, 2015 Pollsters, pundits and political watchers will be attempting to explain this majority for many weeks, if not years. My take: Trudeau won the election by campaigning harder and smarter.
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