Three more days

By admin · October 20, 2015

The Media Narrative

The proverbial die has been cast. It’s now time for undecided voters to get their rubric on.

At three days left, only the most earth-shattering news could change the fates of this election. We’ve seen campaigns in the past manifest last-minute revelations and scandal, but it doesn’t work.

All left for the campaigns now is a strong ground game and complementary air war. This campaign has been a long, wild ride and there is much to review and analyze as voters head to the polls on Monday.

The media is fixated on the horse-race narrative. Polls will tumble out at a regular pace until the mandatory pre-vote 24 hour blackout hits. Political parties will parse and paraphrase the polls and pundits will race to TV to tell you it doesn’t matter anymore.

GOTV – get out the vote – is the only thing on operatives’ minds. Can the local campaigns mobilize their workers? This is where spin meets reality.

Motivation is now the main job of spinners, war room denizens and surrogates. Every vote counts and the party operatives are going to fight like every vote is worth 100. Expect sharper exchanges, higher emotions and a few more surprises to pop up over the weekend.

The last round of weekend political shows will be important to watch.

The LPC is hoping they have done enough damage control after revelations their elected campaign co-chair was advising corporations on government transition. The NDP is touting any and all polling that suggests an uptick in their numbers. CPC spinners are still adroitly avoiding and attacking at the same time, all in the hope their 30% base of support will remain with them.

Selected Headlines

Today’s Opinions

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