Spotlight on: Silencing Trolls

By Vanessa King · September 28, 2015

There are over 20 million social media accounts in Canada, and Canadians spend over two hours a day on these networks. With this volume of users, you’re guaranteed to run into negativity online. Understanding how to respond to online criticism is critical for any organization with social media accounts.

Deciding if and how to engage with negativity is the hardest part of community management. If a user makes a factual error or asks for certain information about your organization, you should definitely engage. We recommend making a list of possible criticisms and FAQs with Twitter-friendly replies so you can quickly respond with approved messaging.

Comments that are meant to antagonize or upset should generally be ignored. Monitor and make note of the incident and move on. If the user keeps harassing your organization or makes threats, consider blocking the person.

Our troll response chart provides a lot more information on responding to online negativity. Click here to download it.


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