September 9: Media Roundup

By Ian Capstick · September 9, 2015

Tuesday’s News

  • Justin Trudeau had his one-on-one with Peter Mansbridge last night. The CBC took the angle that the young Liberal leader “appears to be at odds with his father’s thinking” on several fronts. These include control in the PMO and the issue of which party can form government post-election – Trudeau Sr. suggested in 1979 the governing party has a right to see what its options are before ceding power (which is constitutionally correct, by the way). Trudeau and Harper disagree.
  • LPC promised to overhaul employment insurance to reverse Conservative changes, making it easier for some unemployed Canadians to collect benefits.
  • NDP Leader Tom Mulcair fielded questions at his aerospace announcement about the costing of his platform. He said the NDP will release a fully costed platform later in the campaign. Expect these questions to continue.
  • NDP also released two new ads this week. One positive, one negative.
  • Three stories will trouble the CPC today. The Hill Times suggests “Canadian airstrikes against ISIS down 50 per cent since election started“, new polls show Canadians want more to be done to help refugees and the CBC reports “only 9 Syrian refugee cases offered on private sponsor list“. These stories combined with mounting pressure from cities and provinces will keep the refugee crisis in political news.

Selected Coverage

On yesterday’s political shows

  • CBC’s Power & Politics: Yesterday’s show featured an insightful interview with the German Ambassador, while CPC’s Paul Calandra made odd assertions about Canada’s handling of the refugee crisis.
  • CTV’s Power Play: John Duffy wrote one of the best books about Canadian political campaigns. Fights of Our Lives (2002) is filled with visuals and great anecdotes, and Duffy’s interview with Don Martin is a must-watch.

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