News and views heading into the final week.

By Adam Newlands · October 9, 2015

The Media Narrative

With campus voting closed and advance polling starting, the NDP and CPC have deigned to release their platforms today.

The airwaves were awash last night with discussion of allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office intervened in the processing of Syrian refugees and declared all applicants referred by the United Nations would require Harper’s approval.

Unsuprisingly, Harper is denying any political staff were involved in vetting specific cases, but instead asked for an audit to ensure policy objectives around keeping the country safe and secure were being met.

Questions of propriety aside, the relevant question for us is whether this story will have any appreciable impact on the CPC base or the undecided voters. I for one, am doubtful.

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any candidates thinking brash comments would get them ahead, Conservative MP Bob Zimmer stated the following in an all-candidates debate:

“One of the major drivers of missing and murdered aboriginal women is the lack of economic activity, or simply put, the lack of a job.”

When questioned later, Zimmer claimed his comments were being taken out of context. Listen to this and you can judge for yourself.

For the rest of the campaign, the NDP will fight against the prevalent notion coming from the polls that the campaign has turned into a two-way race between red and blue. Mulcair and his team are thereforeturning up the heat on the LPC in a hope to win back progressive/centrist voters.

Finally, a new public opinion poll by Ekos has shown that health care is a top concern for Canadians, but the subject has received less emphasis on the campaign trail than other more parochial issues such as the battle against ISIS.

With minority government looking rather likely, today’s selected reads should help you calibrate your crystal ball for upcoming discussions in the rowdiest forum in Canadian politics, the family dinner table.

Selected Headlines

Today’s Opinions

And so you can be prepped when you wade into the niqab debate, two views:

A full collection of election opinions worth reading can be found on National Newswatch.


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