MPs Taking Flight on Twitter

By Katie Shapiro · March 21, 2016

Only 25 per cent of Canadians are on Twitter, but that ratio doesn’t carry over to our Members of Parliament. Over 90 per cent of Canadian MPs are on the social media site, busy communicating 140 characters at a time. Twitter can be useful to relay brief news updates and event information in their ridings, but most MPs don’t often tweet much beyond the typical party line (To be fair, they’re probably just trying to avoid any scandal!). While they may not stray far from their pre-approved talking points, here are five MPs with some of the more interesting Twitter feeds.

  1. Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau):
    Considering his celebrity status, it’s not surprising that the current Prime Minister is the most popular Canadian politician on Twitter with 1.49 million followers. His account is often filled with statements that sound like they’re pulled straight from the Liberal party’s platform but the frequent photo updates add interest. To celebrate the Liberals’ first 100 days in office in February, Trudeau took to Twitter to answer questions from Canadians -– everything from serious policy inquiries to some sillier ones.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.02.30 AM
  2. Tony Clement (@TonyclementCPC):
    The Conservative MP for Parry Sound-Muskoka regularly engages with his followers and commenters on Twitter. Not one to Tweet solely about his political work, he shares festive selfies, cheers on his favourite hockey team, and joined in on the conversation around the Oscars.Tony Clement is a Habs fan
  3. Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay):
    She represents the smallest political party in the House of Commons, but the leader of the Green Party is behind only Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper when it comes to Twitter popularity, with 245,000 followers. May made headlines during the 2015 election when she tweeted her way into a debate she was not invited to. She is constantly engaged on the social media site, posting pictures, frequently retweeting from diverse Twitter users, and promptly replying to questions and shoutouts.E May Green
  4. Charlie Angus (@CharlieAngusNDP):
    Though he proclaimed that he was giving up twitter in 2012, the outspoken NDP MP is back at it. The author of Children of the Broken Treaty actively tweets about the issues in his riding, advocates for the rights of First Nations children, and shares his musical inclinations, too.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.14.40 AM
  5. Catherine McKenna (@cathmckenna):
    Rookie MP and new Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna garnered quite a bit of attention for her win over the incumbent in Ottawa Centre. As the minister for such a big portfolio it’s no wonder that she’s already gathered almost 32,000 followers. Along with regular updates on parliamentary goings-on and policy updates, McKenna shares lots of photos and videos with her followers, and even jumped on Snapchat before she joined the Canadian delegation to Washington D.C.
    (Bonus: she used one of our Snapchat geofilters while she was there!)




What do you think? Did we leave out your favourite MP to follow on Twitter? Let us know!


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