Liberals on top, niqabs and the TPP

By Ian Capstick · October 9, 2015

The election is nearly over. We’ll have a better idea of what to expect on election night after additional rounds of larger-scale public opinion polling launch 72 hours after Thanksgiving Day. Undecided voters are deciding. Families and friends are talking about the election and challenging each other on their choices. Expect votes to move this weekend.

The NDP is counting on the Clinton intervention in the TPP conversations to hammer home the message that Mulcair is the only candidate standing up for auto jobs.

The Liberals are looking to gel their vote with the newly decided, ensuring nothing distracts from their message… however unspecific it is.

The Conservatives will go hard and push aggressively to the finish line. Expect new ads, new lines of attack and more niqab next week. The CPC knows it’s working, so they’ll double down on all of the communications tactics loathed by most Canadians.

This week saw more social media gaffes, a little bit of substantive policy and a lot of rhetoric and partisan fervour. It’s only going to get more intense.


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