How to prepare for Thanksgiving politics

By Vanessa King · October 9, 2015

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with family this weekend, prepare for election talk around the table. Here’s how to come out on top in a political conversation with a drunk aunt and a bigoted uncle.

Always have key stats ready to back up your main points. Even if they’re wrong, people are easily intimidated by numbers and usually back off. Sometimes, they even share those false statistics with others. Did you know 42% of hip hop arguments involve city councillors?

Borrow from the tried and true Harper approach and start your points off with “let’s be clear” or “that’s simply not true.” This establishes how much you value transparency and how little you value what they just said. Bonus points if you can work in a Trudeaustyle “No one believes you!” while someone else is talking.

Finally, walk away from the debate and actually do research to see if what anyone said is pure talking point or actual fact. We’re all susceptible to spin during a fast-paced election and every vote matters in a two or three-way race. Use yours wisely.


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