To do list: Scrub social media, tune in

By Ian Capstick · September 9, 2015


Take thirty minutes and do a social media scrub down. As several CPC candidates and other campaign officials learned, the Internet lives forever (full disclosure: even Ian’s husband had to apologize yesterday for years old tweets). If you’re a spokesperson in this election or have contact with the media, it’s likely time you take a thirty minute review of your Tweets, Google results, Facebook messages and privacy settings.


Media attention span is limited starting today. How will you take advantage of “set pieces” in the election? Those are the immovable dates such as Statistics Canada releases, debates and publicly announced event commitments.


Tune in: CTV has a new show for the election called Race to the Hill. Hosted by Mercedes Stephenson, it’s a 15 minute wrap up of the biggest campaign stories of the day airing twice nightly. The first episode wasn’t as slick as other political shows, but it’ll find its feet soon.


Keep an eye on Nanos: The much loved “daily tracking polls” are back, and war rooms actually follow these daily results. You probably should, too.


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