Creepy Childhood Canadiana

By Katie Shapiro · July 1, 2016

In thinking about possible Canadiana-roundups in honour of this great nation of ours, a number of typical subjects surfaced. These included Canlit (#ReadTheNorth?), Kids in the Hall episodes, beer commercials blah, blah, blah. Soon we realized that as far as Canadian media was concerned we are a nation rich in truly HORRIFYING vids that have shaped our collective childhoods. And then, suddenly, we couldn’t stop. The Canadian media landscape is a goldmine for videos designed to share a moral message, but just kinda end up giving you the creeps. Behold!tumblr_nza7wfGWnA1qgy822o4_500

Freaky Stories
Exhibit A: This show had some really neat cartoons, but the two hosts, a blue cockroach and a very, very mucousy worm-thing…with no eyes. #nightmarefuel.

Exhibit B: Forget what you thought you knew about pineapples. This pineapple talks, walks and argues with kids in this truly bizarre French program made for British Columbia students. More nightmare fuel. 

Hip Choice
Exhibit C: Concerned Children’s Advertisers may have had some questionable PSAs in the past, but this one might take the creepy cake. Don’t do drugs, kids…or watch this video, frankly.

Garden Troll
Exhibit D: Nanalan was definitely one of the more disturbing Canadian exports, and get this, she’s making a comeback on Tumblr (because, well, the internet). I have so many questions: What is she? What drugs did she use? HOW DID ANYONE DEEM THIS EDUCATIONAL?

Exhibit E: Hard to say which was scarier: the punisher or the mysterious goo.

Exhibit F: Bibble was Polkaroo’s pet. Or maybe it was a mop-head version of R2D2. Either way, hope you like the cutesy heebie jeebies.

Sol the Clown
Exhibit G: Sol the Clown was almost creepy enough to turn me off of French class altogether. Each episode was its own brand of bizarre, but these two offer a good sampling. In this fittingly Canadiana-themed scene Sol contemplates dead maple leaves or the most uncomfortable cross-country weather report ever.

Happy Canada Day…I think.


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