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Trending on our Slack: Week 23 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Katie Shapiro · June 11, 2016 Every week there are so many news stories, so many new favourite songs, and so many GIFs that are shared amongst the team that it can sometimes be hard to narrow down the ones to highlight in these very-official-and-very-important roundups. But, with a little inspiration, the Slack roundup choices were clear. The Good We welcomed […]

Trending On Our Slack

By Katie Shapiro · May 6, 2016 Another week, another roundup of what happened in our Slack #nwr channel (that’s “not work related” for those of you who weren’t here last week)! 1. Fort McMurray We’d be remiss to sum up this week without including the terrible fire that’s been raging in Fort McMurray and on everyone’s mind. The Canadian government is […]

Twitter Has A Moment

By Katie Shapiro · April 15, 2016 Canada is the most recent country to have its moment(s), as Twitter Canada released their newest feature this week: Twitter Moments. The update comes after the social network rolled out the update in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Brazil over the last five months. Meant to showcase the “best of Twitter”, Twitter […]

MPs Taking Flight on Twitter

By Katie Shapiro · March 21, 2016 Only 25 per cent of Canadians are on Twitter, but that ratio doesn’t carry over to our Members of Parliament. Over 90 per cent of Canadian MPs are on the social media site, busy communicating 140 characters at a time. Twitter can be useful to relay brief news updates and event information in their ridings, […]

The joust in on: Conflicting polls and pollsters ahead of tonight’s debate.

By Ian Capstick · September 24, 2015 The Media Narrative Get your crackerjacks ready! It’s inside baseball day on the campaign trail or as we say it on French debate day, “le jour de baseball intérieur”. Not really, but that’s what Google Translate says. They’re working on it. It’s a down day on the campaign and this means there’s plenty of time […]

Getting feisty: the post-debate spin cycle

By Ian Capstick · September 21, 2015 Everyone came out swinging this weekend in the all important 72-hour spin cycle after the economic debate. As he arrived in Newfoundland, Mulcair was forced by the LPC to apologize for twenty-year-old comments. The CPC and NDP are seizing on new remarks by Trudeau in a CTV Atlantic interview, suggesting the LPC leader told the media it was their […]
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