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All Hail the Stocksy Gods

By Megan Davis · September 14, 2016 Stock photo sites have earned a bad reputation in the design community for their ridiculous poses, stark white backgrounds and often totally unusable subject matter. Exhibit A: It’s easy to see why designers hate stock images. That’s why Canadian based photographer Bruce Livingstone, founder of iStock, sold his company to Getty images and started one […]

MPs Taking Flight on Twitter

By Katie Shapiro · March 21, 2016 Only 25 per cent of Canadians are on Twitter, but that ratio doesn’t carry over to our Members of Parliament. Over 90 per cent of Canadian MPs are on the social media site, busy communicating 140 characters at a time. Twitter can be useful to relay brief news updates and event information in their ridings, […]

Post-State Dinner: Snapchat Geofilter Success

By Hayley Robateau · March 15, 2016 Learn how to use tools like this in your organization at our next workshop. Last week, we experimented with a new feature on Snapchat – On-Demand Geofilters. With the Prime Minister headed to Washington DC for the official visit on March 9th, we seized the opportunity and plastered all of the official locations with MediaStyle “State Visit” […]

Sizing Up the Parties’ Social Strategies

By Kyle Brown · October 18, 2015 As the end of the election nears, MediaStyle’s team took a close look at the strategies and tactics implemented by each of the four major parties throughout this campaign. Whether it was Stephen Harper running the first Instagram ad of the election or the Liberals’ 360-video from their Brampton rally, the “social media election” saw […]
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