What’s MediaStyle all about?

Well, we’re a progressive public affairs communications shop. We dream up strategies and persuasive communications materials to help good people get heard. We like to work with people and organizations making Canada a better place. This includes organizations making life fairer for Indigenous people, for women, for people trying to access education, for people protecting good jobs or creating new ones, people saving lives in Medicine, for people working in Arts and Culture who make our world a beautiful place, for those committed to protecting and enhancing democratic institutions and others simply looking for a square deal.

  • We’re a smart bunch who grew up on the internet and with technology, but we’re not ageists.
  • We work collaboratively, quickly and transparently.
  • We’re proof that a business built on democratic principles can do great work, can contribute to our community and be profitable.
  • We love the internet and think that digital communications is pretty much the bee’s knees, and we look for digital solutions wherever possible.
  • We’re also nurturing and developing Canada’s best, multi-skilled communicators.

Our culture:

  • We have generous medical benefits because health is important. We offer a lot of vacation time and time off because we know that sometimes going to work on a cold February morning is not as important as your mental health.
  • We work downtown on two floors of a heritage building. The office is filled with really nice things like art, and weird furniture and a vintage kayak. We’re doing Canadian design with an eye toward Nordic sensibilities. We don’t really know what that means either, but we’re figuring it out.
  • We’re pretty honest with each other.
  • We’re a right-sized agency with a startup culture. The whole team gets to decide who we hire. We tap everyone’s skills for all projects so you get all of our expertise on your file. We encourage the free flow of ideas. We don’t like hierarchies because sometimes they get in the way of a good idea and a good idea, is a good idea, is a good idea.
  • Every Friday, when things die down, we chill out a bit at Beer O’Clock. We are well represented on a softball team every summer and some of us play Dodgeball. We offer training and skills development to keep us sharp, and have show and tells to impress each other. We’re a dog friendly office because dogs make us happy, though Ace can get a bit barky at times. We’re Apple fangirls, offer gym memberships (that no one uses) and to top it all off, we often have Mexican potluck lunches. I know, pretty sick, right?
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