Campaigns sent to the spin bin

By Ian Capstick · October 15, 2015

The Media Narrative

Late yesterday Dan Gagnier, the Liberal’s campaign co-chair, was revealed to have advised five TransCanada Corporation officials about how to work with a new government. Reaction was swift. Here is how Canadian Press framed it this morning:

“Justin Trudeau’s national campaign co-chair is stepping down after he sent a detailed email to people behind the Energy East pipeline with advice on how and when to lobby a new government — including a Liberal minority. Earlier in the day the Liberals stood by Dan Gagnier, saying he did not break any ethical standards. But in a statement later Wednesday, Gagnier said he didn’t want to be a distraction to the campaign.”

CPC and NDP war rooms will be feeding this story aggressively over the next several days. This is indicative of how the focus is squarely moved away from the issues that fueled the campaigns. We won’t hear much about topics of substance like Senate ethics, the Syrian refugee crisis or the economy in these last four days.

It’s now an all-out spin war. Hope you have your Gravol.

Over in Gatineau, poor Nycole Turmel is fending off suggestions she’s dying (she is not) while her opponents are strenuously denying they spread the rumour.

Liberals are literally being accused of policies they don’t hold. Nothing short of supporting corner-store-pot-distribution-brothels that double as heroin-injection sites. I’m paraphrasing, but the CPC attacks are literally ridiculous.

The PM is standing behind it all. As Rob Ford literally ambles by at a rally in Etobicoke. This was on the same day a truly scary excerpt came out from a new book Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable: How I Tried to Help the World’s Most Notorious Mayor by Ford’s former chief of staff Mark Towhey. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s a time of desperation and dirty tricks. Think about this: at around this time in the last election, planning was afoot to enact the now infamous robocalls redirecting people to the wrong polls. In previous elections we’ve seen last minute revelations and hail-mary “look at me” policy drops.

It’s important we stay vigilant to ensure we call out dirty tricks and report anything that seems out of place to Election Canada.

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